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"My coaching philosophy is based on the belief that the state determines the event. To achieve a different result, you need to acquire a different state. Therefore, in our sessions, we work primarily with the state in which my client can achieve what is really important to him or her"
Certified coach of leaders and teams, accredited by ICF PCC, certified counselor in the method of positive psychotherapy, member of the International Coaching Federation ICF, business coach, coaching mentor, Master of Psychology.
Experience: 10 yearsCorporate experience: 16 yearsCounseling languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian


    Increase personal effectiveness
    Development of leadership competencies and managerial maturity
    Team building and effective communication
    Planning and prioritization
    Effective delegation
    Effective delegation
    The ability to say “no”
    Emotional intelligence
    Keeping you energized and motivated
    Changing the field of activity
    Search and implementation of a new business line
    Moving to a new career level
    Stress management
    Searching for personal meaning
    Satisfaction with the activity 
    Work-life balance 

    ● Professional relationships● Professional development ● Relationships with money● Personal boundaries● Self-esteem● Self-knowledge● Procrastination


Economic education

Київський державний торговельно-економічний університет 2000

Psychological education

Міжрегіональна Академія управління персоналом2021

Psychotherapeutic education

World Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (WAPP), сертифікований консультант в методі позитивної психотерапії 2015

Coaching education

ACSTH ICF програма Professional Coach (КГ "Живое дело")2017

Coaching education

 ACSTH ICF програма Professional Coach ("Майстри трансформації")2019

Coaching education

ACTP ICF програма International level Professional Coach (CoachingUp University) 2021

Coaching education

EMCC Global ITCA, Team Coaching Practitioner Course2020


    Methods of trauma therapy. Cultural peculiarities in counseling
    Application of positive psychotherapy in non-therapeutic areas
    Meta-programs in coaching
    Coaching: 3D workshop
    Therapeutic relationships, factors of effectiveness in counseling and therapy
    Group psychotherapy. Crisis intervention in groups, self-help groups
    Direct communication as the basis of partnership and the key to developing coaching skills
    Creating flow through the presence of a coach
    Facilitation. Modern methods of group work

As a mother of three, maintaining a harmonious inner state and a balance between my personal life, continuous development and work is my constant focus. Brisk walking, mindfulness practice, and my cottage help me stay afloat)


My coach and I are working on the query: I am a professional. At the start, I felt 50% professional, and after seven sessions, this figure rose to 70%. We are also working on such topics as: potential, pressure at work, dealing with negative emotions: fears, anxiety, guilt, procrastination, where to get energy, new tasks (their perception), task priorities, tools that can make work easier, relationships with colleagues. I am very grateful to the expert for this progress.

It hit me right in the heart. I am very glad that I chose to work with Anna! Because she professionally, carefully, ecologically and quickly brought me to the essence of my problem! Let's keep working!!!

Thank you very much for your desire to help people. I would especially like to thank Anna for those few months of counseling that made my life a level better. I was able to understand myself to a certain extent and realize my significance for myself as a person and a person for society.

I really liked the coach's energy and way of analyzing what I was saying, as well as guiding the conversation to be as effective as possible. Really look forward to working with her more closely

Anna is wonderful and easy to work with. She will always find the right question, motivate and support you.

I am very grateful to Anna for the wonderful space she creates, for inspiring me, for opening my eyes to obvious things.
I am very grateful to her for showing me the right way! It's just something incredible and wonderful!