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Wellbeing Company

Our mission is to develop a mature and self-aware nation through our work with corporate sector. We help healthy people stay healthy.



Wellbeing Company is a consulting company that develops and implements innovative programs to boost business performance by nurturing the potential of employees.

  • WHO DO WE WORK FOR?For mature, socially responsible businesses and organizations that understand the importance of the team to the business.

  • WHAT DO WE DO?We safeguard and enhance business performance in the most challenging market conditions. We manage costs of reduced employee efficiency, loss of top performers and staff turnover. We help create strong organizations, empowering physical, emotional and financial wellbeing of employees.

  • HOW WE WORK?We adjust our products to the unique needs of each organization, taking into account current challenges, business objectives, corporate culture and HR goals. Customization, confidentiality and the highest ethical standards are our absolute priorities.

Organizational well-being impacts every aspect of business contributing to the quality of lives, physical health, stress levels and engagement of employees.



In current world, only those businesses that invest time, effort and money in organizational sustainability through the support of their team win.

✅ Transformation of business into a powerful union of talented people.
✅ Shaping the image of a caring, responsible and trustworthy employer.
✅ Enhancement of the emotional stability and better resilience skills of the team.

Handpicking a perfect team is important, but what is way more important is safeguarding the team’s stress-resilience, focus and motivation.
✅ Reducing staff turnover and retaining top performers.✅ Safeguarding the psycho-emotional health of the team.✅ Reducing absenteeism (systematic absence from the workplace) and presenteeism (presence in the workplace despite an unsatisfactory physical/psychological condition).✅ Developing and strengthening of horizontal connections within the organization.

Employees who feel the support of the company pay back with loyalty, outstanding commitment and willingness to go the extra mile.
✅ Healthy habits that prolong active quality lives.✅ The skill to master emotions, concentrate, and be resourceful under stress.✅ Healthy professional relationships with colleagues and superiors based on trust and mutual respect.✅ Practical tools for supporting not only yourself but also your family, friends, and colleagues.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Service


It is a corporate program providing employees with access to individual professional therapy for dealing with emotional issues caused by external uncertainties, personal challenges or stress at the workplace.
Unfortunately, our personal anxieties often affect all aspects of life, including careers, relationships at work, and productivity.


    Increase in productivity by 70%
    Optimization of staff turnover by 65%
    Increase in profitability by 42%
    Decrease in burnout by 21%
    Decrease in sick leaves by 30%


seo and web optimization final

Online sessions with therapists 7 days a week

Safety protocol in case of an acute emotional crisis

Webinars for companies: more than 40 speakers and over 100 topics to choose from

Sessions for close family and relatives

Personal Client Partner available 24/7 and high-quality monthly analytics

Customized content plan to support the mental health of employees


A unique program based on international standards in the field of organizational well-being to teach line managers how to take care of themselves: to diagnose and retain their physical and mental health, find life resources and develop the ability to focus. We train leaders to support themselves, team members, and their colleagues.

Supportive leaders - who are they?
They are effective line managers who are able to identify and diagnose emotional state of the team, and are equipped with modern tools to support their teams and create a healthy, working atmosphere.



Iryna Voloshchenko

Associate Manager, People Partner


Connected to the program: 10,400 EPAM employees

"EPAM has always been and remains a reliable business partner that provides its customers with high-quality and highly professional solutions. So, we could entrust taking care of the mental and emotional well-being of our employees only to a Contractor that shares our values and high service quality standards. And we are happy to be working with Wellbeing Company.
For a year and a half our colleagues have been highly appreciating the professionalism of Wellbeing Company’s consultants. More than 9 thousand people in our company have the opportunity to use the service and new users join monthly. Some of our employees have first turned to the Service with urgent psychological assistance requests and later identified great potential for development and an inexhaustible resource for applying wellbeing principles in life supported by a therapist or a coach. People within the company learn about the service not only from our official corporate communications, but also from each other.

From the operational and customization viewpoint Wellbeing Company is our perfect match. It is difficult to overestimate the warmth and care they give to our colleagues: excellent speakers for topical webinars, prompt response to all requests, high quality analytical reporting and timely recommendations relating to the events taking place in the country and business. Our cooperation is a sincere and conscious choice, developing into long-time relations."

Inna Stupan

Talent Business Partner Deloitte Ukraine


Connected to the program: 450 employees

For six months of cooperation with the Service, our experience was very positive. We were accompanied by a devoted Client Partner who processed our requests and listened to what we had to say. We want to note that the selection of experts for webinars on the part of Wellbeing Company was superb.
Anonymous feedbacks from our employees were very positive, which confirms the importance of corporate access to quality therapy. Caring for the mental health of employees is an important element of our well-being culture. We recommend the Service to all companies that share Deloitte values.

Olga Shilova



Connected to the program: 300 employees

On behalf of “Servier Ukraine”, we express our gratitude to Wellbeing Company for the fruitful cooperation in launching the EAP Service.
The safety and health of employees is the absolute priority of “Servier Ukraine”.
The EAP meets all our criteria: complete confidentiality of employees' requests, high qualification of therapists and coaches, clear and understandable process of interaction with employees, simplicity and timeliness - from the moment of signing the contract.
Employees are happy with the work of the Service, as evidenced by their high ratings of the quality of service.
Taking into account the positive feedback on cooperation, “Servier Ukraine” can confidently recommend the Wellbeing Company as a reliable and responsible partner in providing comprehensive well-being programs for business.

Lubov Koziura

CEO at Clear Thinking


Connected to the program: 7122 employees

Ferrexpo has been cooperating with Wellbeing Company since early 2020.
Wellbeing Company, first of all, shares our values. Their work makes our employees happy. Professionalism, attention to details, creative and flexible approach make cooperation easy and fruitful.
We are grateful for our business cooperation and friendly relations and look forward to further effective partnership. Wellbeing is No.1 on our list of wellbeing providers. We recommend Wellbeing Company to organizations that care about their employees and plan to implement wellbeing programs.
We wish you success and innovative ideas!

Marina Bylonog

HR Administrator


Connected to the program: 450 employees

In recent years, many global businesses have realized that employers are beginning to play the key role in the financial, physical and mental well-being of their employees and their families.
We are grateful to Wellbeing Company for supporting the mental health of our colleagues and their families.
We can confidently recommend the team of the EAP for professionalism and high quality of the service. From ensuring 100 percent confidentiality and fast processing of requests by Wellbeing officers, to the handy format of consultations and the high qualifications of therapists and coaches.
Our colleagues and their relatives are happy with the support received and turn to the EAP on an ongoing basis. The average assessment of the Service by employees is 9.98 out of 10.We are grateful to Wellbeing Company for reliable and professional service.

Yulia Yaremchuk

Internal Communications TL


Connected to the program: 1600 employees

We started cooperation with Wellbeing Company with a pilot project to determine the need of our employees in psychological support services. It took our employees two weeks to appreciate and love the EAP.
Access to professional therapy, guarantee of complete confidentiality builds up trust, which is reflected in the consistently high rating of 9.8. Our colleagues love an opportunity to choose their own therapist, suggest therapy service to relatives. Wellbeing Company speakers engaged for webinars were warmly welcomed by our staff.
We thank Wellbeing Company for responsiveness to the needs of our employees, cooperation and professionalism! We hope that psychological support services will become a must among Ukrainian companies. After all, the mental health of employees is the key to building strong, cohesive and productive teams, as well as an opportunity for growth for leaders in organizations.

Olga Ozerian

Training Manager


Connected to the program: 600 employees

We recommend Wellbeing Company because it is not just an investment in the mental health and well-being of your employees.

This is the formation of support, strengthening of reliable, trust-based relationships and a strong connection in the model "Employee - Company". The modern world shows that both of these aspects are interconnected and influence each other. Therefore, the best way to support your people is to take this first step forward and show that you as the company value your employees' professional expertise along with their personal characteristics and emotional well-being. This will be the key to long, reliable and effective cooperation.


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